Missed the Last Train? – Another Missed Advertising Opportunity

Oyster cards in my mind are one of the biggest missed opportunities when it comes to advertising and promoting services of alternative transport in the London area. Though many people would use public transport to get into London it’s a fact that most would leave using alternative transport like a Taxi. At the end of the day no one wants to be waiting in the cold for a night bus or rushing off in a varying state of intoxication to catch that last train home. Here lies the missed opportunity in that your potential customer already has their Oyster card on them! If you’re a taxi firm for example why not advertise your services on an Oyster Card holder and hand them out to your customers for FREE!

You may think that it will give you access to a limited number of new clients but there are in fact over 16 Million Oyster cards in use across London as we speak. In 2008 journeys made on a bus, the underground, DLR and tram link reached nearly 3500 million! That’s nearly 10 million journeys a day! As Oyster cards are used for 80% of all journeys to London that means a cover could potentially be seen at least 8 million times a day! By putting your logo and contact information on the Oyster Card Cover you would be integrating your brands presence into the everyday lives of your existing and new clients!

Oyster Card Holders

Badger design can help create an eye catching and captivating campaign for you or you could download templates and get creative yourself. By using a 4 colour process photographic imagery can be used on the covers but I would recommend keeping it simple and sticking to screen printing. This will limit your colour pallet but will result in a much more hardwearing cover print. The simplest designs are often the best so unless it’s a promotion I would stick to a business card style of graphic for the covers.

Oyster Cards aren’t your only option as Bus ticket covers are also available too. If you’re a fast food chain or have a take away service you could also benefit greatly from putting your details on an Oyster Card Holder. You could also use them as another form of a membership card. The possibilities are endless!

To take advantage of this great opportunity or to find out more information you can visit the Oyster Card Holder page or call Badger Design on 01392 662100.

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