Badger Design are Now a SEDEX Approved Factory!

SEDEX Approved Factory

After completing the SMETA 4-pillars audit, Badger Design are proud to be a SEDEX-approved supplier and manufacturer. 

Audit code – ZAA420975098

URN no – 2022GBZAA420975098

Site reference – ZS105042

SEDEX is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to improve ethical and responsible business practices in global supply chains. During an audit the site is assessed based on the organisation’s standards.

A SMETA-4 Pillar audit comprises of:

  • Labour Standards

  • Health and Safety

  • Environment Ethics 

  • Business Ethics

SMETA 4-pillars has been designed to meet a number of objectives which includes promotion of responsible sourcing within the supply chain and to enable suppliers to share ethical data, such as ethical audit reports, with their customers. 

Well done to Badger Design sales director, Corinna Jones, who undertook the lengthy project. 

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