Calling all Florists!!

As a Florist you have no doubt seen an influx of business because of Valentines Day. Unfortunately a lot of retailers affected by seasonal holidays like florists will focus solely on stock levels during this busy time and not further marketing which could potentially increase sales even further. A lot of your sales will come from repeat business so what better way to subtly place your brand / business in the family home than by creating magnets for their fridges.


Based on Badger Designs research we have established that a magnet will stay in a customer’s house hold for 2 years depending on its use and design. A person will also visit their fridge 8 times a day. If you take that into consideration a family of 4 could potentially be looking at a magnet 23,360 times in its lifespan. Offsetting that against a cost of as little as 4p per magnet and you would be forgiven for thinking that you’ve stumbled across one of marketing’s best kept secrets!


In reality a lot of businesses like florists are so focused on customers walking in off the street that it can be easy to forget about all the potential positive advocates you’ve already served. Placing your brand logo and telephone number on a Badger Design Magnet is an ideal way to have your details to hand when that customer recommends you to their friend or forgets that upcoming important birthday.


Badger Designs Fridge Magnets can come in any shape you want. Rectangle magnets will give you the best value for money but sometimes an unusual shape will make it that little bit more interesting to the customer and pro long the life of your magnet in their home. For the Eco conscious Badger Design also produce magnets created from recyclable and biodegradable material.


You may have missed a great opportunity with Valentines Day but Mothers Day and Easter are just around the corner! Florists sales typically start to increase 4 weeks before a holiday so you still have just enough time to get an order in with Badger Design so you can supply your customers with your magnetic business cards.


TOP TIP – To keep your customers flowers looking great for longer why not advise them to use your magnets to hold the plant feeding sachets in plain sight on the fridge. This way they will remember to feed them and get as much value as possible out of their gifts!

Examples of Fridge Magnets

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