Mothers Day Promotional Ideas

We’re approaching that time of year again when it’s an ideal opportunity to get your orders in for your mother’s day (10/03/13) promotional material. I’m a big fan of sending out promo material with your existing orders to remind customers in the lead up to Mothers day that why not use the services of a tried and tested company again………

From experience the best practice is to keep the design simple but make sure it contains a useful message or the promotional item has a practical use!

Promotional items with a practical use are where Badgers designs can help you in the bucket loads!
Badger Designs can offer you a blank canvas on Magnets, Photo frames, Stickers, Shelf & window wobblers, Plastic contact cards or even Bottle collars and door hangers.

Brand placement in a customer’s everyday life is the next crucial component to a successful promotional campaign. In this case I would recommend your own logo and contact information as you simply want to remind your customers of the services you can provide during this holiday! You can couple it with a simple slogan but I wouldn’t over complicate it as you want the message to be delivered easily. Something along the lines of “Don’t forget Mother’s Day on 10/03/13” will do.

Matching your business to the right Badger Design promo item is also key. For all the Florists, Gift Wrappers, Chocolatiers out there why not go for a complimentary Plastic Card or Fridge Magnet that you can slot into any pot, chocolate box or floral arrangement you sell. If you want to push the boat out for your highly valued customers a great promo item is the Fridge Magnet Photo Frame. This one allows you to keep your company’s contact information in prime position next to the loved ones your customer might be purchasing for. For an extra kick you could always include a limited time only mothers day promotional discount code.

See the basic examples below and spruce them up with your own company logo and contact information. Flower image acquired from I-Florist

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