McVitie’s FREE Magnetic Notepad Campaign

In March McVitie’s Digestives launched an on pack promotional campaign. The special promotion offered a FREE magnetic notepad for every Mcvitie’s purchase a customer made. Their aim was to reward their customers while also encouraging multiple purchases and finally promote their VIP club loyalty scheme. The latter has become increasing popular with shoppers so McVitie’s wanted to maximise its impact and reach on their market.

5 million packs of digestives had packaging printed with the FREE magnetic notepad on them. For a customer to acquire the free item they had to enter the promotional code from the packaging into McVitie’s VIP website. Club members were also encouraged to ‘bank’ their points and save for more desirable Mcvitie’s branded items like bags, mugs, tins, cinema tickets, hotel nights and iPod Nanos.

This promotional product campaign will encourage the growth of McVities VIP club while also providing strong marketing contacts for future more targeted campaigns.

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