Promotional Products are The No1 Choice for Customers

Recent research commissioned by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) proves that promotional products are the UK’s preferred choice of advertising.


BPMA’s research looked at all the different ways companies in the UK were advertising their brands and products. They then looked at which medium was likely to produce the best results and how the end user (customers) responded to that type of advertisement. It’s hoped that the results will help companies utilise their marketing budgets more effectively and therefore produce more effective campaigns with a substantially larger return of investment (ROI).


One of the biggest questions is which marketing medium generated the biggest call to action? They found that an impressive 50% of respondents would take action after they had received a promotional product. The other mediums were not as fortunate with TV gaining a 19% action rate, online ads 11%, print advertising 10% and finally direct mail at 9%


The most frustrating form of marketing was discovered to be online banners as 73% of respondents agreed they were annoyed when they saw them. 54% were annoyed by direct mail, 44% by radio, 32% by TV adverts, 13% by publication adverts and finally promotional products were the least annoying at just 5%.


Online banners, TV and magazine adverts often restrict or prolong users from getting to their destination or desired viewing. The problem with this is that most forms of advertising can be skipped or user’s attention can be diverted elsewhere. 28% of respondents admitted to muting, changing the channel or ignore TV adverts altogether. Promotional products like magnets, notepads and coasters however hold more value because they aid a customer with tasks and are often collectible. Users choose to use promo products where as other forms of advertising are forced upon them.


This choice means that 94% of respondents remember the brand and advertiser of promotional product and 50% would even welcome them more often. This is why they’re the number 1 choice for customers and why they should be a part of your marketing campaign.

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