The Great Cream Tea Debate

Hopefully by now you will have seen our Mad March competition – request a quote for any promotional or gift product from Badger Design and you’ll automatically be entered in our draw to win a delicious cream tea delivered to your desk. You can enjoy the tasty treat on your tea break, or even while you work.

A couple of weeks ago when we ¬†first sent out the details of the competition to our customers we received quite a few responses pointing out a mistake we’d made.

Can you spot it?

Naturally being based in Devon, we were offering a Devonshire cream tea, but we made the school boy error of using an image of a Cornish cream tea. The shame!

The difference between the two is small, but it is arguably, one of the biggest debates in the South West. Both Devon and Cornwall claim ownership of the beloved afternoon treat and while they agree on the basics, scones, clotted cream, jam and a pot of tea, they have very different views on how the scones should be constructed.

The Devon Way
A warm scone smothered with clotted cream and topped with jam









The Cornish Way
A good dollop of jam is applied first and then the clotted cream.








There are still five days left to request a quote and be entered into our draw and if you are our lucky winner you will have the choice to assemble your cream tea any way you wish. Will you go Devonshire or Cornish? Or come up with something new completely?

Contact us today for a quote!

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