“You talkin’ to me? Well I’m the only branded fridge magnet here…”


Over the last 3 years we’ve supplied a UK taxi company with more than 300,000 promotional fridge magnets for them to hand out to their customers. We realised that this must mean their campaign was very successful, so below we’ve listed some of the benefits that other taxi companies could experience by using fridge magnets to advertise their business details.

Brand recognition/staying power
Your customer is going to see your brand every time they visit their fridge*, so your company will be the first that springs to mind when a taxi is needed.

Location, location, location!
By having your phone number on a magnet, your customers will know exactly where they can find it – the fridge.

Flat, flexible magnet from Badger Design

The one and only!
The internet has rendered phone books nearly obsolete, however searching for cabs online still throws up a lot of options that will include your competitors. Having your details already in an accessible area and in your customer’s home eliminates competition.

Eye catching!
We can produce fridge magnets in any shape, any size. How about a fun, taxi shaped magnet to really get the attention of your customers?

Cost effective
From as little as just a few pence each, branded magnets are a really cost effective marketing tool!

Not just a pretty face!
Fridge magnets actually have a use as they can hold grocery lists and schedules and are therefore more likely to be kept long term.

Easy to distribute
Thin and light weight, our magnets could be mailed out to homes in your business’ area or handed out to customers as they get out of your cab.

At Badger Design we have a range of standard shape magnets to meet your marketing needs, whatever shape or size your taxi!


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*Based on Badger Design’s research, we have established that a magnet will stay in a customer’s house hold for 2 years depending on its use and design. On average, a person visits their fridge 8 times a day, so if you take that into consideration a family of 4 could potentially be looking at a magnet 23,360 times in its lifespan!

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