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Ahoy there matey! Have we got some new promotional booty that’s going to get your timbers shivering: Marine grade vinyl adhesive.

Before you think we’re three sheets to the wind, we’re talking about printed stickers that can stand up to the forces of the sea! Being scuff, scratch, salt and waterproof, these stickers can be used on boats, surfboards, jet skis, kayaks, dive tanks and just about anything else you want to put in the water.

Here comes the tech talk:

The marine grade adhesive on this particular item is approved under BS5609 specification for hazardous drum labelling and makes the material a natural choice for harsh environments where durability and waterproofness are required.

The matte white PE label is a truly unique material that looks, prints and fabricates like paper but is durable like plastic film. The microporous structure makes the product absorptive, yet water resistant, soft but strong, highly printable and durable. The porous, uncoated nature of the sheet allows inks and toners to form strong anchor points with the substrate.

The material is waterproof, durable (chemical and abrasion resistant) conformable and offers a long-life alternative to paper labels. It is also steam sterilisable.

Intended for longterm, outdoor and underwater use, these printed stickers are an ideal way for boat, diving, surf and other water sport companies to display their logos.

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This post will hopefully tide you over for another week…ok, enough with the sea puns now.


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