Promotional Products for Your Employees

In most businesses your employees are going to know your products and services in and out. If they are happy in the working environment you provide they are likely to be one of the most positive and compelling advocates you have at your disposal. A positive advocate will promote your product to friends and family with more conviction and therefore higher chances of take up than any paid advertisement could hope to achieve.


To further help with conversion and take up rates you could give your employees various useful promotional products to use as business cards in the event of a recommendation. Here are a couple of examples.


Oyster Card holder – By giving an employee more than one you are encouraging them to pass them on to partners, friends or other family members who will improve your impression rates.


Identity & Magnetic Business Cards – If your employees are out and about they offer valuable and FREE advertising opportunities. Be sure to equip them with identity cards that are clearly branded with your companies details. Magnetic business cards could be left by contractors on equipment they’ve serviced or handed to clients.


Tax Disk Holders – Make it standard practice for your vehicle fleet to have branded Tax disk holders in their windows. Hand them out to employees for use in their personal cars too.


Car Stickers – Make working for your company a thing to be proud of. Hand out car window stickers for employees who reach achievements or pass milestones. Inject a bit of humour alongside your logo with an employee competition and watch as staff and their family start to trade and collect your branding.


Coasters – No need to send these out. Just keep a large stash of them in your offices and meeting rooms and let staff and clients take as many as they need for their offices.


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