Using Promotional Products in B2B Marketing Campaigns

Promotional products are more commonly used in Business to Customer (B2C) marketing campaigns because at first glance there are more products catered towards customers instead of clients. There are also more contacts in a B2C campaigns so promotional products become a lot more cost effective. So the big question is: can promotional products be used effectively in B2B campaigns?


The answer is yes but you have to be careful which products you use, and how many you produce. When selecting a B2B promotional product you want to choose something that the client won’t immediately take home and will hopefully use in the workplace. By keeping it in the office you will get a higher impression rate from current employees and potential client prospects. Producing less will at first seem less cost effective but one product is likely to have a much high impression rate because of the amount of colleagues that will see or use it.


So if you’re a stationary supplier, printer, office caterer, IT support or cleaner which promotional products would be effective in your own B2B campaign?


Computer Wobblers –why not target key members of staff with a series of comic office personality wobblers. The wobblers will also provide staff with useful telephone numbers to your business so they know who to call should they need your services.


Coasters – For the most cost effect solution use them as a simple business card with just your branding printed on them. As part of a campaign why not produce a series of coasters promoting new food boxes for your catering business or special rates for your printing company.


Clocks – If you work in a retail environment or open office a large branded clock will get lots of impressions even when the employees are working on computers.


Magnetic Notepads – Most office workers will have a phone and you can guarantee they will constantly be looking for scraps of paper to take messages. Provide them frequently with notepads and your brand will be placed in their site line for over 7 hours a day.


Dry Wipe Boards – These can actually be quite expensive for offices to purchase and would be very well received even if your branding and contact details were pre-printed on one side of the board. Every time there’s a meeting the entire team will be looking at the board and therefore your branding too.


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