When & Why Would I Use Save the Date Magnets?

In our opinion Save the Date Magnets are one of the most under used promotional products out there. In today’s society we rely a little too much on phones and social network sites to tell us when an important event is coming up. Entering important dates into your phone is often a job that’s put off unless you have your own secretary. It’s also quite easy to miss an important alert on a social network because it gets lost among spam alerts which we program our brains to discard as unimportant.


With that in mind Promotional Magnets are often left on fridges or electrical appliances around the house and provide the perfect platform to alert multiple people to a series of dates or one special occasion. Here are some ideas of when you could swap traditional reminders for Save the Date magnets.


Weddings Invitations – Traditionally you would send an invite card that can get crushed in the post or put to one side in the home. Using a magnet is unconventional but practical. You recipient can show it off with pride and can be kept as a memento of the special day for years to come.


Party’s & Birthdays – Instead of picking a standard RSVP invitation that might suite the party theme why not create a custom save the date magnet specifically for the event. You could incorporate embarrassing child hood photos, themed images or even free drink tokens for the bar. The magnets are as big as you need them to be.


Corporate Events & festivals – You could add QR barcodes to direct users to specific information like directions, prices & accommodation availability on various websites. The magnet could physically be your pass into the event. If you make them no bigger than a credit card they could be kept in the attendee’s wallet on the day of use.

Save the Date Magnet Ideas

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