Promotional Marketing Still the Best for ROI

Thanks to various associations in America we’ve been able to pull together some very interesting facts regarding promotion products compared to standard advertising mediums. Unfortunately everything is in dollars but hopefully the figures will speak for themselves.


Promotional Products: IAS Promotes has reported that 21% of US consumers use promotional calendars so on average it only costs a company $0.18 dollars per calendar per impression which is pretty impressive! Other mediums didn’t fair quite so well.


Newspapers: Advertisers paid $4,360 million dollars on advertising in 2012. This roughly equates to a cost of $0.75 per impression.


Television: Companies spent 72 million dollars on television adverts in 2011. Taking into consideration the length of the commercials it works out to be $1.80 per impression. Interestingly Mobile adverts are already proving to be more popular than TV adverts.


Radio: 7 Billion Dollars was spent in 2011 which equates to $0.50 per impression.


Online: 40% of users regular use twitter to search for new products so considering the man hours that are required to produce an online campaign (not including celebrity endorsements) it equates to $0.30 per impression.


Direct Mail: If each letter is going to an individual person then direct mailing will cost you $0.80 to $1.00 per letter sent out.


In short promotional items engage with their consumers and in doing so create more impressions of your information than there TV, Radio, Magazine & Online Counterparts.

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