June Special Occasion & Awareness Days

Continuing with our monthly focus on seasonal holidays and awareness days this blog will look at some potential dates in June that could be used to help promote a service your provide. Remember these are just ideas for inspiration so if you want to discuss other possibilities then you can always take advantage of Badger Design’s decades of experience in the promotional industry by giving us a call.


World Environment Day (5th)
If you’re company is linked to anything environmentally friendly, offers an Eco-friendly service or is an active participant in recycling why not let your customers know about it? Recycled magnets or reward stickers for children taking part in Eco activities are a great way to positively promote your services.


Father’s Day (16th)
Father’s day can be a bit of a tricky one. Why not create a campaign where you offer free beer mats or coasters in selected products. Your customers can then give them to their fathers & husbands. Creating a series of different designs will encourage your customers to collect the entire range which will result in an increased turnover for yourself. See the Innocent Smoothie campaign that targeted children in a very similar manner.


Summer Solstice (21st)
June is actually quite a quiet month for special dates and occasions so why not focus on what June should be all about….. Summer! Use promotional magnets, stickers, bookmarks or even beer mats to promote outdoor activities that are linked to your industry. You could always take it one step further by hosting or sponsoring an event and using a promotion gift to round up participators!

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