Integrating Promotional Marketing Campaigns with Social Media

Social media has become the new norm for generating interest through conversation and customer engagement with a brand. The most popular social networks include Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube. The first thing to do is make sure your company has some presence on at least one of these networks.


A study by BPMA found that promotional gifts have longer lifespans than a standalone conversation or idea created on a social network. Using a talking point on social networks can however increase the life of your promotional product and therefore the life of your campaign. Combining the two can be tricky to get right but as you can print onto almost anything these days why not consider including QR Codes or Hash Tags in your campaigns.


Both are ways of tracking your target audience. Hash tags allow you to follow trends and find conversations about your service area on social networks like twitter, Google+ and instagram. QR codes act as a call to action by encouraging users to scan the barcode which will in turn take them to your website, social profile or even directly email or call you.


Encouraging conversation or leading clients to interesting content with these tools will be a sure way of getting your target audience to keep your promotional gift for longer and therefore keep your campaign and message in their world.

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