Memo board Drywipe Pen Information

Material Health & Safety (CoSHH) Sheet

Product Name: Memo Drywipe 584507

  1. Hazardous Ingredients

The ink contains ethanol, therefore they have to be classed as an inflammable liquid.

  1. Physical/Chemical Characteristics (Specify component)

Appearance & Odour: Low viscous coloured liquids of alcoholic odour.
Other Characteristics:

  1. Fire and Explosion Hazards

Flashpoint oC (meth used): 13 Explosion limits (Vol%) LEL1.4 UEL15
Extinguishing Media: water spray, co2, foam, extinguishing powder
Special Fire Fighting Precautions: Cool down endangered containers, use large amounts of foam
Autoignition Temp: >308

  1. Storage Hazards

Stability: Stable Conditions to Avoid: Avoid Heating Up
Incompatibility (Materials to Avoid): Oxidising Materials
Hazard Decomp. Products: None

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