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Folex Product Datasheet

Commercial Digital Printing


Static Cling clear transparent Film for HP/Indigo Digital Presses

Digital printing on durable substrates such as Folex Digiprint IG coated polyester films are an excellent and effective choice for a variety of applications.


  • To product responsible signage, window graphics


  • Dedicated coating for Indigo ElectroInk
  • Officially approved by Indigo test centres
  • Superb ink adhesion and image transfer
  • Unlimited shelf life
  • Water resistant
  • Consistent performance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Tear resistant
  • Easy storage
  • Back layer clings to smooth surfaces (glass, metal) without adhesives, easy to remove
  • No special handling required
  • Suitable for short and long print runs
  • Digiprint-IG/CLSC = clear, transparent


  • Carrier film: Self adhering soft PVC, clear
  • Coating: For HP/indigo liquid toner
  • Back side: Cling layer with thin protection sheet to be removed before application.


  • Suitable for most Digital Presses from HP/Indigo and compatible brands such as:

AB Dick Colour Press, HP 6600 Digital Press

  • Less compatible with dry toner Digital Presses (see DIGIPRINT-XE and -XE/SA series)

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Opened packages store at ambient temperatures of 15-25oC and at a humidity of 30-60%


  • Between 15-25oC and at a humidity of 30-60% r.h.
  • A preconditioning period of 24 hours within the printing environment is recommended
  • Avoid fingerprints on printing side
  • Please follow the handling instructions supplied with this product as well as the Printer manufacturers manual.


  • Boxes with 100 or 200 sheets
  • Sheet size: 320 x 450 mm
  • Order Code:

Digiprint-IG/CLSC 0.250mm

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DIN safety data sheet

Company: Celfa / Folex AG, Seewen – Schwyz
Commercial product name: Digiprint IG / CLSC
1.1 Chemical characterisation: Polyethylene Terephlalate CO.C6H4. CO.O(CH2)2O
1.2 Form: solid 1.3 Colour: clear 1.4 Odour: none
2 Physical data and safety data Tested in accordance with:
2.1 Change in physical state
Melting point: 265 oC
Decomposition temp. >265 oC
2.2 DensityBulk density (23oC) 0.395 – 1.410 g/cm3kg/m3
2.3 Vapour pressure ( oC)( oC) Mbarmbar
2.4 Viscosity ( oC) at normal temp. Solid
2.5 Solubility in waterin ( oC) insoluble g/l( oC) g/l
2.6 pH value (at g/l H2O) ( oC) not applicable
2.7 Flash point 440 oC ASTM D 1929-68
2.8 Ignition temperature 480 oC ASTM D 1929-68
2.9 Explosion limits lower: upper:
2.10 Thermal decomposition 280oC emits 50ppm CO, can reach 500ppm at 375oC
2.11 Hazardous decomposition products 300oC volatiles are terephlalic acid / oligoers of PETP (10%) CO/CO2. (3% aldehydes, (2%) traces alcohols and ketons oC
2.12 Hazardous reactions
2.13 Further information none
No special regulations.
4. Regulations Based on actual known datas, the product will be not dangerous according to the statute-book of poison.
Commercial product name: Digiprint IG / CLSC
5. Protective measures, storage and handling
5.1 Technical protective measures Fumes extraction should be provided where stamping or perforations causing film debris. TLV for “nuisance particles” – 10mg/m3Edges sharp cutted, by uncarfully handling of single sheet it may give incision in hand
5.2 Personal protective equipment Respiratory protection:Hand protection: Eye protection:Other:
5.3 Industrial hygiene
5.4 Protection against fire and explosion
5.5 Disposal Burn in a smoke incinerator
Accidental release measures:
6. Measures in case of accidents and fires
6.1 After spillage / leakage / gas leakage
6.2 Extinguishing media Suitable: Cool film or keep oxygen from fire-, use CO2, BCF etc. or large quantities of water.
Not to be used:
6.3 First aid Only normally needed for burns in case of fire or smoke / fumes remove and treat as smoke ingestion
6.4 Further information
7 Information on toxicity NoneInhalation:

Skin contact:

Eye contact:

8 Information on ecological effects
Further info: noneWater pollution:
Further information none

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