Foamalux Foam PVC

Foamulux is used for our screen printed clocks and boards.

It could make an ideal coaster.

High quality foam PVC produced in the UK. A uniform, expanded closed cell structure gives Foamalux an ideal combination of strength and durability, resulting in excellent resistance to knocks and scratches. Foamalux comes in a wide range of popular, vibrant colours as well as a bright white.

Foamalux also carries an environmental grade – Foamalux Xtra. Foamulux Xtra is a closed cell composite foam PVC sheet consisting of a core of recycled material with co-extruded, double-sided smooth surfaces of white Foamulux. The recycled core is in excess of 80% of the finished sheet, offereing real environmental benefits, as well as ensuring a cost effective product. Fire rating BS476: Part 7: Class 1Y, BS476: Part 6:1=11.5, 1=3.3

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