Eco Friendly Promotions

Customers are becoming increasingly more aware of environmental issues around the globe and how they can be doing their bit to help combat the problem. Because of this Eco friendly or green products are deemed to be of greater value to customers and are therefore more likely to be kept because of their perceived value.


From a company point of view sending a green promotional product highlights your organisations ethics and credentials. It also helps create a positive, caring impression which in itself could help your company profile and brand image. This gives your promotional product an instant advantage over others because customers will have another reason to keep it on top of its actual functional use. This will ultimately give you a better chance of more positive brand impressions.


A common misconception is that Eco friendly products don’t look as professional and are more expensive than traditional ones. This isn’t the case anymore and at Badger Design we can produce magnets with recycled paper and gloss laminated finishes that are completely biodegradable. Best of all most users cannot tell them apart from magnets created with non-eco-friendly materials.

Quality wise Badger Design has produced over 1,000,000 magnets for McDonalds which had to pass mechanical stretch tests and fulfil child safety criteria’s before they could be distributed. If our magnets can pass a multi-billion dollar organisations scruples then It’s safe to say they are of sound quality!


If you want to find out more about Greener Promotional Products be sure to give us a call on 01392 662 100.

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