A Nation of Coffee Drinkers without Coasters!

We consume over 165 million mugs of tea a day in Britain. Whether it’s at home or in the workplace tea or coffee is always going to be part of our day to day routine. With each person drinking an average of 3 cups of a coffee a day it’s a perfect location to try and place your brand. BPMA have revealed that merchandise like coasters which are linked to coffee or tea result in an impressive 18% of customers keeping it longer than any other promotional item they’ve received.


At Badger design we can print your branded imagery onto flexible or rigid PVC coasters. Flexible PVC is great for the home environment where kids or pets might be involved. The rigid PVC option is ideal for an office environment where it’s likely that coffee on a drip will be required! They can also be cut to any shape or size.


Whether you want to print a simple 1 or 2 colour logo or a 4 colour photograph coasters are an ideal way to get your brand into the everyday lives of your clients and customers. Badger Design has helped clients produce campaigns that have involved anything from 250 coasters to well over 225,000 coasters so if you need any advice please call us on 01392 662 100.
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