May Special Occasion & Awareness Days

If you’re thinking about promotional opportunities May should already be in your mind. Below are a couple of opportunities that you could be taking advantage of in May. Remember all you need to do is put your logo and contact details onto a promotional item that’s well suited to the occasion to reap the rewards for your company.


International Mother’s Day (12th) – Though not the UK’s Mother’s Day if you’ve got a global client base its worthwhile taking advantage of this date too. Even better is that you can use the same promotional magnets, photo frames, bottle collars and stickers that you produced for the UK Mother’s Day again.


National Dance like a chicken day (14th) – Perhaps a great way to cheer up all the office staff with a wobbler in the shape of a comic chicken attached to their screens. Happier Staff = More productive staff.


Peace Day (16th) and Red Cross Day (21st) – Send out stickers or magnets that show your companies support for Red Cross or Peace Day (aim for purple). When customers use them to show their support for the cause they’re also promoting your company too.

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