Why are Promotional Products such an Effective Promotional Tool?

Every promotional product created provides you with great opportunity to expand your businesses visibility and market your brand to a wider audience. You should ensure that your promotional product has all the relevant and important information about your business or brand so that people know how to get in contact with you if they need to. You can buy a range of promotional products including pens, coasters, bottle necks, magnets, car signs and so on. Here are various reasons why promotional products are an effective promotional tool for your business.

Tangible, constant reminder – If the promotional product is useful for e.g. a promotional pen, it is likely that the user will use it numerous times throughout the day. Each time they pick up this pen they will receive a subtle reminder of your business. They are more likely to register your brand in their mind by touching the product as opposed to just seeing a sign as they walk down the street.

Cost Effective – They are cheap to produce and can therefore be distributed to a large audience. Especially when you buy in bulk promotional products can provide your brand with a lot of visibility. Not only will these products be seen by the people using the products but they will also be seen by colleagues, friends and family of the user for example. Therefore just one promotional product can be successful in marketing your brand to a variety of people.

Reputation – Something as simple as giving away a selection of promotional products can generate a positive reputation for your company. People will not only appreciate the free “gift” you are giving them but the promotional product will often represent and create the impression that your business is successful.

WOM (Word of Mouth) Advertisement – It is likely that the person you gave the free gift to will tell their friends about it. This is all additional advertisement that is bringing a greater awareness of your business to more and more people.

Increase reach and give to staff – You don’t have to just give promotional products to your customers / prospective clients, you can also give promotional products to your staff, perhaps as a reward for their hard work or as a thank you for their commitment to your company. Regardless of the reason, it will benefit your business by providing you extra advertising as friends / family of the employee will also likely see the promotional item.

Long Life – Promotional products also have a long lifetime, if a product you give to someone is of use it is unlikely that they will just disregard it or throw it in the bin. Therefore promotional products can be a much more effective marketing than for example paper leaflets that are more commonly than not thrown in the bin straight away.

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