What can Promotional Stickers be used for?

Some of the biggest companies in the world rely on promotional stickers to form a large aspect of their marketing campaign. In the UK, McDonalds are probably the most well-known for using stickers in their extremely successful Monopoly competitions and promotions. If you want to follow their success, promotional stickers can really only play one of two roles or functions within a marketing campaign.


A fun, collectable promo – These stickers are desirable to prospects so they actively want to collect them or promote them in visible locations as a personality or interest statement. The great thing about this type of promotional sticker is that your prospects start to do the advertising for you. The chance of the sticker being viewed by another prospect in the same social circle is extremely high so without knowing it your first contact becomes a positive advocate of your brand or message without realising it.


Practical and useful promo – Instead of being just for fun promotional stickers can have practical uses for other companies or even in the home. If the end user has a need for the sticker they will keep them around for longer so the sticker will generate more impressions. For example if you include A4 folder labels with your logo and contact details on as part of a mail shot campaign you are potentially placing your brand in front of an office full of prospects.

Promotional Stickers

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