The World Is Your Oyster Card Holder

There aren’t many promotional items that will travel with your client as they do. A pen, a hat, if it’s a nice one, a keyring, all items that are likely to stay with someone throughout the day. But there is a newer promo item that is steadily becoming very popular, most likely as it is guaranteed to be in the hands of 16 million people a day; the Oyster card wallet.

Since the introduction of the ticketing system in 2003, Oyster cards have been used on a daily basis by commuters in and around London. In 2008 journeys made on a bus, the underground, DLR and tram link reached nearly 3500 million! That’s nearly 10 million journeys a day! As Oyster cards are used for 80% of all journeys to London that means a cover could potentially be seen at least 8 million times a day!

Just think about what a printed, promotional Oyster card wallet could mean for your brand.

But who would benefit most from this promo item? One idea would be a taxi company. While public transport is the popular choice for members of the public for the majority of the week, what about those late nights, after work drinks and weekend parties? More often than not, a shorter and more direct cab ride would be preferential to train or bus in the early hours of the morning. So what better place to advertise your taxi service than on an item that your potential customer will already have in their wallet or handbag.

At Badger Design, we can help create an eye catching and captivating campaign for you or you could download templates and get creative yourself. Remember, when it comes to your brand, the world is your Oyster card holder.

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