QR Barcodes & Promotional Products

You will have probably seen QR (quick response) codes popping up everywhere recently. They’re a great way to link the traditional advertising elements of your marketing campaign with the digital elements. Not only do they instantly direct smart phone or tablet users directly to your website, telephone or email they also provide a way of tracking just how successful each element of your campaign has been. Think of a QR code as a unique identifier for each part of your promotional campaign and reap the rewards of insight data that can only help you with future promotional projects.

Unfortunately at present Tablet and Smartphone users require a QR Reader app to actually scan the barcode but eventually this will be built into mobile device cameras. The next challenge you face is getting a user to want to scan the barcode. Great ideas to date have been to offer coupons or promotional codes or exclusive content. Alternatively use a QR code as an education tool by linking them to more information about a product, time tables, event programs or quick links to website and social media.

Placing your QR code is the next crucial point. Try to keep it on a flat area even if it’s a flexible surface. Unfortunately the all-important promotional pen might not be the most practical in this instance. magnets, coasters, door hangers, clocks, tax disks, stickers or even desk and shelf wobblers are perfectly suited to QR codes.

QR Barcodes & Promotions

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