It’s All Done With Magnets!

We love magnets, that’s nothing new, however we love them even more when they are used in innovative and exciting ways.

Take this fantastic product from the United States that is a self-filling beer cup! Known as Bottom’s Up, the beer dispensing system was invented by Josh Springer, the founder and CEO of GrinOn Industries. Apparently the idea came to Springer in a daydream in 2008, and four days later he has built a prototype in his garage.

The whole process works by filling the beer cup from the bottom…actually, let’s just show you. You can see the whole process in the video below.

And the best part of the whole invention? It’s all done with magnets!

Springer found a new, and original use for magnets, showing that there are always new ideas out there, just waiting to be thought up!

There are lots of great things that magnets can be used for, not just standard fridge magnets and at Bader Design we are always working hard to come up with new ones. Check out our magnetics page to see some great ways that magnets can be used as promotional items!

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