Inspirational Magnet Ideas

Promotional magnets are hardly a new concept and some companies can litter the markets unnecessarily with poorly thought out ideas. Below you will see a couple of examples where we feel this isn’t the case and that the company and the end user have really benefited from well thought out ideas with defined goals.

Practical Magnets


Practical Magnets
These photo frames are a great example of a promotional item that people find useful! Practical promotional products are more likely to be kept or even passed onto another user. Either way they won’t get thrown away.

Shaped Magnets

Think Outside of a Box
With Badger Design magnets you don’t have to stick to traditional business card shapes. By making your magnet a more interesting shape that will appeal to your customer’s interests you are increasing the chance of your customers finding value in your product. This means it will be kept for longer and gain you more impressions.

For a Good Cause

For a Good Cause
Making a magnet a badge of achievement or a way of showing support for a cause is an incredibly successful way of increasing the magnets impressions. Not only does your targeted customer view the badge’s message every time they look in a mirror but they expose your business to everyone they interact with.
Image Courtesy of Breast Cancer & Epilepsy Awareness.

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