Recycle Week 2016

This week, (12-18 September 2016) is National Recycling Week.

For Recycle Week 2016, Recycle Now has launched a great ‘Unusual Suspects’ campaign that seeks to highlight items around your house that you might not have been aware are recyclable. We’re, hopefully, all very well practiced at recycling our cereal boxes and wine bottles, but what about toothpaste boxes or batteries?

We’ve recently blogged about two of our key environmentally friendly promotional products, cork backed coasters and our biodegradable promotional fridge magnets.

In the current climate, it’s important for businesses to be environmentally conscious, and promoting this can help you increase sales. More and more customers are looking for products that won’t harm the environment, and it’s necessary to show that your company cares!

We have a range of promotional items that can help you your business and the environment at the same time!

The cork back coasters that we manufacture at Badger Design are made from 100% recyclable grey board on the front, and the cork material used on their reverse is completely recyclable too!

We can offer custom shaped promotional fridge magnets made from MagnetCote material that is not rubber based making it both bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Magnets and coasters are also great eco friendly promotional products as they have such a long life span. We have customers who have used the same coaster on their desks at work for over 10 years, and reports show that the average household keeps magnets on their fridges for up to 8 years!

Even though some of our other items, such as acrylic fridge magnets or ceramic coasters, might not be biodegradable, because of their longitivtiy, they won’t be chucked into the bin and contribute to landfill making them another excellent promo product for eco conscious companies.

There are many ways that you can do your bit to help the environment by recycling, and you can find out more information via

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Image source and copyright: WRAP.