Motivational Stuff, really???

The other day we had someone phone up to try and sell us something – suddenly in the background I heard loads of cheering, clapping and a bell ringing.

When I asked what all the noise was about I was told that apparently every time they sell something they have to rush up the hall in front of their colleagues and ring a bell – obviously being cheered and clapped on the way.

Apparently this is motivational.

Anyway not wanting to be left behind or accused of being negative I have decided this is a great idea – everytime we sell any promotional fridge magnets we are going to have to hit a gong, each time we sell promotional stickers we have to hit a buzzer, the same goes for promotional tax disc holders, promotional coasters, dartboards, bottle collars, shelf wobblers and any other promotional items.

There is however only one problem for some reason there is no one here to answer the phone, process the job, do any quotes or send any samples out or in fact work in the office at all.

Motivational! Obviously only to leave to do something else.

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