It’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it

Here’s an unusual situation…

We’ve bought a badge making machine that makes fridge magnets; so they’re like a button badge but a magnet is attached to the back instead. Most people recognise these by the fact they have a folded over bit on the back a bit like an envelope – the thing is we have no idea what to call them.

These are the fridge magnets in tourist shops, gift shops and museums and would make good promotional fridge magnets.

We are however arguing about the name – some people call them photo magnets – at least I do because someone else I know called them that. Tin magnets has been suggested but I feel that is a piece of tin with a magnet stuck to the back and they are not that. They’re not plastic magnets because that would suggest injection moulded, the only words we can come up with are superior, nice, upmarket, hardwearing, glossy, sturdy, non flexible, waterproof and at our most desparate seriously posh magnets. They are definitely more substantial than our standard fridge magnets and we think they look great.

The good news is even though we’re not sure what to call them we have done a few for a customer with Johnny Depp’s picture on – as I said it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it!

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