How promotional products can be used

People like receiving things that are free and these can be turned into rewards for customers. (Yippee! :))

What small things can you give away with your products? There’s bound to be something…

For example, if you sell specialty mugs and glasses, why not give away a free coaster with the mugs and glasses – this will prevent tea stains and water marks on wooden tables and your customers will appreciate this.

You don’t always have to use the promotional goods to advertise in the shop – just pop it in the bag at the till point where customers can actually see what you are doing. They may even feel happier about parting with more money in your shop!

The rewards for your business could be that… customers will think that you are an innovative business who likes to add the personal touches to their products and customers are more likely to return and purchase more goods in the future.

People also like to think they are getting more for their money – make sure that the promotional products you use are actually going to be used by the customer. Doing that little bit extra will have its rewards!

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