EU Reach Regulations


Diarsenic Trioxide

Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate

5 tert butyl – 246 trinitrum xylene

Bis (2 –ethyl(hexyl)phth (DEHP)

Hexabromocycl Ododecane

Alkanes, (10-13, chloro (short chain chlorinated paraffins SCCPs)

Bis (tributyltin) oxide (tbto)

Lead hydrogen arsenate

Triethyl arsenate

Benzyl phthalate


Diaminodipheny methane

Dibutyl Phthalate


Cobalt dichloride

Diarsenic pentaoxide


This regulation consolidates all existing legislation on chemicals in the EU and places additional obligations on manufacturers, distributors and on end users of chemicals and products.

The regulation requires a greater exchange of information up and down supply chains, in order for all parties involved to fulfil their legal obligations


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