A Wobbler for Every Occasion!

A wobbler’s basic tactic just like a child throwing a wobbler is to attract as much attention as possible. Luckily it achieves this in a very different manner to a toddler but the end result is attention from your intended target. Promotional merchandise that have a moving element to them will always grab a consumer’s attention because your eye and brain will keep on registering its. A static image on the other hand can run the risk of blending into the background by being lost amongst all the rest of the colours and shapes when a consumer is focused on something else.


Wobblers are traditionally used to stimulate sales, launch new products and showcase promotions. Given a bit of imagination a shelf wobbler uses can be endless. For example it’s well-known that if you smile when you’re speaking on the phone you convey a much happier and positive voice to the person on the other end. Unfortunately you can’t force call centre staff or receptionists to smile all day long but you can help by using a wobbler to promote a concept or company core value. By having a positive message or something comical put onto a wobbler that’s stuck to your staff’s computer you will have the opportunity to grab their attention and influence their mood for 80% of their working day.


A good example of a wobbler’s traditional use it to attach one to the back of your till. This will catch your customer’s attention in an area where they make 70% of all their purchasing decisions. This is perfect for Loyalty card sign ups, BOGOF and other promotional offers.


You could even use a wobbler as a greeting card. We’ve known companies to stick one to every employer’s computer with a holiday greeting or acknowledgement of an individual’s achievement. In short the possibilities are endless and their uses don’t have to stop at being used for promotional projects. Wobblers are a dynamic and fun way to get your message across to your target audience.


Badger Design currently offers 3 strip lengths for a Shelf Wobbler. These are 74mm, 150mm or 207mm long and come with an adhesive pad that will stick to your desired surface. The image or logo at the other end of the wobbler can be what every shape or size you choose so you can be as creative as you like. For more information you can call our team on 013952 662100 or view our wobbler web page

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