Recycled Acrylic Coasters

Our acrylic coasters are made from recycled acrylic and are laser cut so can be any shape, complementing any intricate parts of your design or logo. Let your imagination run wild!

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Product Code:Acrylic Coaster
Minimum Quantity:50
Leadtime:From 5 working days (Depending on quantity)
Sizes Available (approximate):

Any shape within 95mm x 95mm



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Our new eco-friendly recycled acrylic coasters are made from 100% recycled acrylic. They can be personalised with any design, and shape you like using our laser-cutting process, which will complement the intricate parts of your design or logo. They also have 4 silicon bump-ons, to help improve grip.

Stylish and durable, our recycled acrylic coasters are reverse printed with full colour in high resolution. This means that they will certainly catch the eye of your customers each time they pick up their mug or glass!


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Represent The Brand

Coasters keep the brand centre stage, and it is important to portray your brand in the best possible way. No brand wants to be associated with unnecessary wastage, and core to most companies social responsibly is protecting the environment. Not only do these coasters showcase the brand, they are also friendly to our planet, reusing acrylic that would have otherwise gone into landfill, plus they can be recycled after use. Even the production process to create the acrylic is environmentally friendly.


7 months is the average amount of time a desk top accessory stays in the office, but we've known one of our coasters to be used for 10 years! For instance, that would have been seen a whopping 23,320 times in total!

Technical Information

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These are bulk packed 500 per box – box size 305mm x 230mm x 235mm – Approx 17 kilos per box – 35 grammes each

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Square Recycled Acrylic Coaster

Round Recycled Acrylic Coaster


All of our products are manufactured to the highest standards and we are ISO 9001 2008 accredited.

Commodity Code: 39241000

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